Scan Bodies and Cad Libraries

Scan bodies are measuring tools.

They feature a very high precision in their dimensions in relation to the associated library.

Precision, in this context, means that the scan bodies produced must comply with a minimum tolerance, for example of less than +/- 0.005 microns, in their vertical dimension and circumference.

The design we have chosen is based on eight years of experience in scan body production. Scan body design has been modified and improved over time to achieve today’s design, defined as “industrial”.

CAD 4D has an industrial production system using a linear CNC and experts with a decade of experience in the implant sector.

CAD 4D has conceived industrial scan body lines compatible with most implant producers, selected on the basis of a study of the main market and user customers’ demands, including

  • Straumann®
  • 3i Biomet®
  • NobelBiocare®
  • Astra Tech®
  • Sweden&Martina®
  • Zimmer®
  • Alpha Bio®
  • Bio Horizon®
  • Miss®
  • Bio Implant®
  • Winsix®
  • Osstem®
  • Idievolution®
  • Phibo®

and many others.

Our scan bodies are produced in Ergal (aviation aluminium) surface which is micro abraded so that the outside is already opaque (no scanning spray required). Abraded Ergal is an excellent material for the refraction of structured light or lasers used for scanning.

The production process involves a number of sectors, including the analysis and touch probing of the fixture’s original geometry, industrial CAD design and geometry revolution, creation of several coupling test prototypes and industrial production.

As well as its industrial line, CAD 4D also produces another line of “custom” scan bodies.

This line was created to cover specific requests not normally catered for by implant companies due to their small market share, or with custom geometries which make them totally incompatible with known implant geometries.
CAD 4D has also developed a specific design for this scan body line, choosing geometrical simplification to reduce production tolerances.

The design, very similar to the industrial line, enables us to produce these items on a 5 axis system, with very high precision CNC machines.

With the CAD 4D libraries, the geometries present can be milled in different materials including titanium, CoCr, PEEK, PMMA, wax, glass fibre (some geometries only), zirconium oxide (some geometries only), Sintron or laser melting.

Libraries can be requested for a number of dental CAD systems, including

  • Exocad
  • 3Shape
  • Dental Wings
  • Egs
  • Imetric

CAD libraries are therefore not intended for T-base or premilled articles but for replication of the implant coupling; they are not encrypted (typical of milling centres) nor display only (not milling-ready).

For a fee, CAD 4D supplies the libraries associated to industrial scan bodies with real geometries ready for milling on 3 to 5 axis milling machines.

Our industrial scan bodies are all produced with CE marking and our company holds Italian Health Ministry registration as a medical device producer.