Measurementa and Probing

Technical innovation and attention to quality are the key skills of CAD 4D. Both skills are not possible without metrology.

CAD 4D considers measuring instruments to be very important. We propose a measurement service that takes advantages of the best technologies available on the metrology market, such as the Ogp and Rupac system.

Ogp Flash 200 Cnc: OGP is the secret of the success of their systems thanks to the generation of contrasts, which are able to check all kinds of materials. The OGP optical unit includes a high-definition digital camera (magnification variant from 33x to 562x, programmable SmartRing Light illumination system and flexible zoom). The different variations of magnification are calibrated with a patented system Accucentric. We can work with direct or indirect microscopy (using the 2D inverse light as a profilometer). The Ogp equipment includes a very precise measurement laser, it is usually used for external areas or for conical surfaces. The tool that completes the Ogp equipment is an integrated ReniShaw probe with 0.5 / 0.3 / 0.11mm tips.

Rupac Kim Arcs Diamond: Kim represents the evolution of the optical measurement. The machine is realized with a sturdy metal structure that integrates the measurement table, it includes optical scales and the vertical group in which the zoom optic is installed.

The machine is equipped with a monitor where both vision and measurement software are integrated.

The entire system is managed by a central computer. The vision system consists of a camera, an image processor and two lighting systems.

The episcopy vision is ensured by a circular LED illuminator managed by a manual controller for the regulation of the light intensity. The diascopy vision is guaranteed by a halogen lamp with manual adjustment of light intensity.

The measurement software manages the main construction functions of geometric shapes such as: circles, radius, angles, points and distances. The operator can create customized programs to run the measurements of several pieces by a control cycle, that is integrated with instructions. All the results, including images, can be printed or stored on the hard disk of the PC in the most common formats. The saved data can be used to perform statistical controls.

With Arcs is possible to export the 2D point cloud to perform “reverse engineering”.

Measuring devices check the results of research and development and they document the quality. Technological progress can not be achieved without continuous improvements of metrology.

CAD 4D performs almost all types of measurements for third parties and offers this service for both single parts and series.

For implant partners, CAD 4D makes available the same service for sampling and control of the produced pieces.

CAD 4D can offer services for the following measurement tasks:

  • Xyz coordinate tactile measuring systems
  • Xyz coordinate optical measuring systems
  • 2D xy profile measuring devices
  • Metrology of geometries and implant components