Industrial Scan Bodies

CAD 4D offers its own line of direct scan bodies (for screw retention on the analog) for dental workshops.

Today, industrial production delivers products with extremely low tolerances (tests have shown that our scan bodies have a tolerance of less than 0.005 micron on height and diameter), guaranteeing an end result with repeatable precision.

Our scan bodies are produced in Ergal (aviation aluminium) surface which is micro abraded so that the outside is already opaque (no scanning spray required). Abraded Ergal is an excellent material for the refraction of structured light or lasers used for scanning.

CAD 4D has an industrial production system using a linear CNC and experts with a decade of experience in the implant sector.

CAD 4D has conceived a number of industrial scan body lines on the basis of a study of the main market, including

  • Straumann®
  • 3i Biomet®
  • NobelBiocare®
  • Astra Tech®
  • Sweden&Martina®
  • Zimmer®
  • Alpha Bio®
  • Bio Horizon®
  • Miss®
  • Bio Implant®
  • Winsix®
  • Osstem®
  • Idievolution®
  • Phibo®

and many others.

Unlike all scan bodies on sale today, CAD 4D has developed a design that focuses on three points fundamentally important for perfect realignment of the implant platform.

The first point is the correct distance (vertical dimension) from the coupling base, thanks to the calculated diameter of the upper form (head) of the scan body. This design has been chosen further to large number of coupling tests, and since it is over 6mm in size it guarantees perfect repositioning of the geometrical figure of the scanned scan body.

The second point is correct central alignment, thanks to the cylindrical form of the scan body (main body section).

The third point is the positioning in space of the side of the hexagon, octagon, tri-lobe or four-lobe form or torque, thanks to a flat portion created on the cylindrical main section of the scan body itself. This flat section has been designed to be perfectly in perspective at the side of the anti-rotational geometry.

This design is able to handle anti-rotational geometries (for abutments and screw-retained single crowns) and rotational forms (for screw-retained bridges, bars and Toronto bridges).

Scan bodies derive from a production protocol with 8 years of experience in industrial CAD scanning and design.

The production process involves a number of sectors, including the analysis and touch probing of the fixture’s original geometry, industrial CAD design and geometry revolution, creation of several coupling test prototypes and industrial production.
For a fee, CAD 4D supplies the libraries associated to industrial scan bodies with real geometries ready for milling on 3 to 5 axis milling machines.

CAD libraries are therefore not intended for T-base or premilled articles but for replication of the implant coupling; they are not encrypted (typical of milling centres) or display only (not milling-ready).

With the CAD 4D libraries, the geometries present can be milled in different materials including

  • itanium
  • CoCr
  • PEEK
  • PMMA
  • wax
  • glass fibre (some geometries only)
  • zirconium oxide (some geometries only)
  • Sintron
  • laser melting

Libraries can be requested for a number of dental CAD systems, including

  • Exocad
  • 3Shape
  • Dental Wings
  • Egs
  • Imetric.

Our industrial scan bodies are all produced with CE marking and our company holds Italian Health Ministry registration as a medical device producer.