Digital Library Development

The development work offered by CAD 4D can be subdivided into internal and external. Internal development is intended to increase the lines of implants for industrial scan bodies, while external development is an all-inclusive service for companies.

CAD 4D has been developing digital CAD libraries for implant companies for many years.

Thanks to its know-how and competence in digital library development, CAD 4D supplies implant companies with a complete service, from simple draft designs to scan body, T-base, premilled and analog design development for various dental CAD systems including

  • Exocad
  • 3Shape
  • Dental Wings
  • Imetric
  • Egs

On the basis of the experience acquired over time, an assessment can be made with the customer as to whether the designs or implant components supplied by the company are suitable for the development of digital CAD libraries.

What’s more, with the aid of the technologies used by CAD 4D we can digitise the dimensions of the components produced by implant companies using optical microscopes or equipped with a touch probing system, and analyse the measurement to compare the components with the drawings supplied and establish whether the specified tolerances are complied with.

This measurement analysis enables us to be more precise in the development of digital CAD libraries, since the 3D drawings we have produced are more accurate than the drawing supplied by the implant company alone.

The development services is offered not only to implant companies but also to dental technical workshops and dentistry practices.

For the dental technician and dentist, this development service may only be necessary when working with implant companies which do not have digital CAD libraries. CAD 4D has the competence needed to create scan bodies (custom scan body line) and libraries for various dental CAD software packages, in order to provide the dental technician or dentist with the tools needed to work in their own dental CAD software and with various digital protocols.

CAD 4D has been undertaking contract development for some time, and has created a list of lines developed on the customer’s request (custom scan body catalogue). The custom scan body catalogue contains lesser known implant company brands, or little-used prosthesis diameters.

The development service is intended not only for implant firms, dental technicians and dentists, but also for companies which produce components that can be integrated in Exocad CAD, such as prototype model bases, virtual tooth libraries, etc.