Custom Scan Bodies

Dental CAD users who work with screw retained implants are always looking for the components they need to work with their software.

Their demand is to become independent in production, for both milling and laser-melting.

Today, a very large number of implant firms do not have components (such as scan bodies, T-bases, premilled articles or prototyping analogs) designed for digital use in their catalogues.

CAD 4D has the competences needed to develop custom scan bodies and supply them to the end user.

Today, thanks to our experience, redesigning even a complex implant geometry with industrial CAD is not a problem, but when creating the design we always have to bear in mind the subsequent phase and thus assess all strategies for simplifying the milling process.

To avoid the risk of errors, we handle piece dimensional design in-house, with touch probing and measuring microscopy systems.

As well as its industrial line, CAD 4D also produces another line of “custom” scan bodies. This line was created to cover specific requests not normally catered for by implant companies due to their small market share, or with custom geometries which make them totally incompatible with known implant geometries.