CAD 4D supplies telephone and remote after- sales service. Thanks to 18 years of experience in the dental CAD sector and 7 years in industrial CAD, CAD 4D provides a speed, efficient service with vast expertise. However, it is also thanks to its customers that CAD 4D can now provide a particularly valuable service: daily experience in dealing with customers’ queries, doubts and problems has helped to build up an invaluable body of know-how, enabling CAD 4D to find solutions to the needs or problems which arise in very short times.

Staff are constantly kept up to date with all Exocad software releases thanks to direct cooperation with the headquarters in Darmstadt, in Germany.

All staff hold official Trainer certification, and CAD 4D is one of the very few companies mentioned on the Exocad website as an official external partner.

The various service packages offered all share a common aim: to provide solutions, assistance and best guidance for the problems, doubts and uncertainties customers put forward during the design, compilation or modelling of Exocad software.

Service packages of varying lengths are available: 3, 6 or 12 months. We also offer a package called “Click Support 30”, comprising an after-sales service paid for with “tokens” (one token corresponds to 15 minutes of telephone or telephone and remote service), with a basic purchase of 30 hours (120 tokens) to be used within 12 months after activation.

This service is also aimed at companies or retailers which sell 3D scanners in Italy. Often, the retailer is unable to provide after-sales service for the final customer. In these cases, besides basic and advanced Exocad training courses, CAD 4D offers telephone and remote service packages.